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Scoring and Awards

  1. All wine categories are eligible to win the following awards: Double Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze

  2. The judging will be done in a blind-tasting.

  3. The judging panels will be made up of American Wine Society trained judges and industry professionals.

  4. Winners will be announced at the AWS National Conference on Oct 31, 2020 at the AWS Conference in Bellevue, WA.

  5. Medals will be mailed by early December. Results will be posted on the AWS website by December 15, 2019.

  6. The “Best of Category” winners will be clearly superior in their category and the “Best of Show” wine will have an overall enological excellence that surpasses all other wines in the competition. The following special awards will be given:  Best Red Wine, Best White Wine, Best Rosé Wine, Best Sparkling Wine, Best Hybrid Wine, Best Native Wine, Best Dessert Wine, Best Fruit Wine, Best Distilled Product, and Best of Show.

  7. Best of Southeast US Grown and Produced Award.  The AWS Commercial Competition gives a special award each year for a grape variety grown widely in the location of our National Conference.  This year the featured award is for the best wine made in Washington. If you wish any of your wines be considered for this award, please check the box for that wine in the application form.  There is NO extra charge for this competition.

The American Wine Society: Commercial Wine Competition
Competition Entry Form and Instructions

Registration information


Use our On-line Entry Page or follow below for hardcopy entry: 


Hardcopy Entry Form: (SEE PDF Form below-right)  Print this form, fill out and make appropriate copies.  PRINT OR TYPE ALL ENTRY INFORMATION IN BLACK INK.   Mail or fax the entry form to AWS contacts below.  Include the name of the winery, distributor or importer and a complete mailing address. Also provide phone number with area code, name and title of the individual at the winery in case questions, errors or shipping problems arise. Include the name of the wine entered and the vintage year. If non-vintage wine, please check the box provided. Percent alcohol and residual sugar percentage should be provided. Wine composition and % of each component will greatly enhance judging of your wine.



NOTE: Wines should be shipped to arrive no later than Oct 19 at:

On-Site Shipping Address (For wines sent after Sept 1, 2019)

To Be Announced in May

Note: wines may be shipped prior  to Sept 1.

Please contact Al or Mike at for directions


Pre-Registration is required and entry forms must be received by October 19, 2020


Mail registration forms to American Wine Society, PO Box 889, Scranton, PA 18501,

or fax to  570-344-4825.

Check or money order should be made payable to the American Wine Society.
VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards are also accepted.

Rules and Information

  1. The competition is open to all wineries, distributors and importers.

  2. The fee is $70.00 per entry or $65.00 per entry for AWS Professional Members.

  3. The committee will make every effort to insure that the wines are properly stored in a controlled environment prior to the competition and properly served to the judges during the competition.

  4. The results of the competition will be published in an upcoming edition of the AWS Wine Journal magazine, and posted on the AWS web site.

  5. Three 750ml bottles (or four 375ml) are required for each wine entered.  For distilled, two 375 ml bottles or one 750 ml bottle.  Wines not used during the competition will be poured for the membership at the “Showcase of Wines” on Oct 30.

  6. Wineries, distributors and importers donating wines for conference meals are encouraged to enter one (1) “no fee” entry for each case of wine donated, up to a total of  six (6) “no fee” entries (i.e. six cases donated equals 6 “no fee” entries).  Additional entries may be made at the standard entry fee of $70.00 per entry or $65.00 per entry for American Wine Society Professional Members.  Please read shipping information carefully. If you are interested in donating wine for the Conference please contact:

    Donations POC: Tom Wallman @

2020 Commercial Competition Entry & Rules Brochure

See the PDF brochure for complete instructions. Button redirects you to our on-line entry forms. Payment is made via PayPal using credit card or  PayPal account. NOTE: Be sure to "submit" your entry AND complete payment via "Pay Now" button

2020 On-Line Entry

Coming in April

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